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  September 28, 2007    

Welcome to TruckSavvy.com and Savvy Pro News.

TruckSavvy.com is your portal to truck maintenance on the internet…designed by truck pros, for truck pros.

Trucksavvy.com is a "virtual truck show" ... every link takes you directly to the information you need to learn about truck specifications, regional fuel prices, parts and service locations, product information and sources...in short, everything you ever wanted to know about vehicle maintenance.

Savvy Pro News brings you helpful hints to help you make the most of TruckSavvy.com and highlights areas of particular interest for Maintenance Professionals.

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Savvy Pro Feature


New Opportunities in Maintenance - Internet vs. Print Media

Dick Massengill has been a careful observer as the internet has evolved to become a valuable maintenance tool, not only for fleet management, but for line personnel as well.

In this month's feature article, Dick shares some of his perspectives and encourages fleet operators and shop operations to make maximum use of this powerful communication and training tool.

Go to the TruckSavvy.com home page and read Featured Article, Media - Print versus Internet.


Savvy Pro Tip - Find Info Fast


TruckSavvy.com Fleet Commerce

TruckSavvy.com users have asked how to obtain some of the products and services highlighted on TruckSavvy.com...so we have added an E-Commerce feature to the site.

In TruckSavvy.com Fleet Commerce, you can learn about products and services available through TruckSavvy.com and order directly from your desktop.

Click on Fleet Commerce on the TruckSavvy.com home page and check back often for information on valuable products from TruckSavvy.com Fleet Commerce

Click here to go to


 Fleet Commerce


The Forgotten Component - A Primer on Suspension Specification

The suspension is often taken for granted when specing vehicles, but considering it's importance for vehicle and cargo safety, not to mention driver comfort, it deserves a closer look.

Tuthill Corpoation (Reyco Granning Suspension) offers an article that is an excellent "primer" on what to think about when specifying vehicle suspension for your operation.  Go to Suspension on the TruckSAvvy.com Quick Clicks page and click on Suspensions, then read the article under News.


Savvy Pro News Archive

You can review past issues of Savvy Pro News at savvypronews.com.


Savvy Pro Cool Stuff - New Products Techniques and Ideas

Savvy Pro Cool Stuff

Reverse Stop Decal - Help Prevent Cab and Trailer Damage

TruckSavvy.com Reverse Stop Decal helps prevent damage to cab fairings and trailer when backing in tight areas.  When installed on van trailers, “Stop” shows in driver’s mirror when tractor and trailer have reached 90 degree jackknife position.

Go to Savvy Pro Cool Stuff and click on Reverse Stop Decal to learn more about this inexpensive, but effective safety product.


Cool Stuff Update - e-STROKE Electronic Brake Stroke Indicator from MGM Brakes

MGM Brakes reports that as the population of e-STROKE equipped vehicles grows, fleet operators are experiencing more than just "peace of mind" by having an on board, electronic stroke indicator available.

Fleets are also seeing a reduction in unplanned maintenance on trucks with e-STROKE.  One major tanker fleet operator reports that since they began installing e-STROKE in the fall of 2004, they have "...not had a single OOS (Out of Service) violation on any of the 265 units with the MGM e-STROKE System..."

Further, maintenance managers do not have concerns over driver brake inspections being missed in bad weather, since the driver can see at a glance if brakes are working properly.

Go to Savvy Pro Cool Stuff and click on MGM e-STROKE.

  Savvy Pro News - Items You Might Have Missed  

The Next Energy Efficiency Frontier? - The Pete Store Delivers First Class 8 Hybrid

We learned recently that The Pete Store has delivered the first class 8 tractor to Walmart stores.  This is a step towards meeting Walmart's objective of improving fleet fuel efficiency by 25%.

To get the complete story, go to Quick Clicks, then to Trucks - OEM and scroll to the bottom of the page and read Fuel Efficiency meets Environmental Friendliness.

  Savvy Pro Training - Everybody Talks About It...  

Training is a lot like the weather, everyone talks about it, but...

Well, we're doing something about it...and you can too.  If you come across an internet training resource that you would like to pass on to others, send it to us at Savvy Pro Training and we will mention it in a future Savvy Pro News.

While we're on the subject, check out the feature article on our Online Training page...some timely thoughts about the need and value of internet training resources.  Go to TruckSavvy.com Quick Clicks, then click on Online Training.  As always, we'd like to hear from you so send your thoughts via e-mail to savvypronews@trucksavvy.com or via our blog, TruckSavvy In Focus.


Recent training discoveries by the TruckSavvy.com Community:


TODCO  Maintenance Videos

TODCO offers a series of videos that provide information and instruction on proper truck and trailer door maintenance.

The videos discuss everything from proper door installation to panel replacement.  You can use the videos all together for a comprehensive training program, or use individual segments for short refresher training classes.

Go to TruckSavvy.com Online Training and go to Todco Instructional Videos to learn more.


Baldwin Filters

Air, Oil and Fuel filters are critical to reliable operation, but are often taken for granted.

Baldwin Filters provides a library of technical information that can be used to help your people better understand these important maintenance components and diagnose and solve potential maintenance problems.

Go to TruckSavvy.com Online Training and click on Baldwin Filters for access to this library.

  Savvy Pro Blog - Savvy Pros Share Their Thoughts  
  Do you have a comment on an industry topic, or would you like to see what others think about a subject?

Share your thoughts with the TruckSavvy.com Community on the TruckSavvy in Focus Blog.


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