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Chase 'em Back Tools - Innovative Tool Restores Threads on Bolts and Studs

Repair or replacement of studs, spindles and other threaded components can be time consuming and expensive.

The Chase 'em Back Tools™ Reverse Thread Chaser is a simple and cost effective method of rethreading damaged or rusted threads on studs, spindles and bolts.

This unique rethreading system allows for quick, clean and effective rethreading of engine studs, equipment studs, hold down studs, wheel studs, all-thread, and bolts that have been damaged rusted corroded and are just too expensive to throw away.

Would you like to spend less time with thread files? Are standard thread dies just too hard to get started on severely damaged thread?

The Chase 'em Back Tools™ system is fast and easy! Simply select the appropriate thread chaser for your application and install around the remaining good threads of the stud or bolt.

Apply an appropriate lubricant or cutting oil to to stud or bolt. Affix the appropriate wrench supplied with your kit and work clockwise and counter-clockwise until the damaged or rusted threads are rejuvenated. Just that easy!!

Chase 'em Back Tools has designed a set of tools that easily solves the problem of restoring rusted, painted and damaged Threads.

Say goodbye to the time consuming method of repairing damaged threads with a thread file and steel brush - with Chase 'em Back Tolls, you can restore damaged threads in minutes instead of hours.

Each individual tool is made of heat treated, hardened steel and is anodized to prevent rust.

Chase 'em Back Tools come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a life time warranty.

Watch the video to see how easy Chase 'em Back™ Tools Reverse Thread Chasing Tools are to use, or go to the products page to view our selection of convenient sets or individual tools.

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